College Station Roofing Company Helps Protect Homes from Thunderstorms

When you see bolts of lightning flashing through clouds, but hear no accompanying thunder, consider yourself lucky. Those are usually the intra-cloud or cloud-to-cloud types of lightning.

However, the third and most common kind is not so fun, because instead of staying in the sky, this type of lightning hits the ground and possibly objects on it—such as your house. These powerful electrical forces can strike anytime, so what can you do to protect your home from these mighty currents?

lighting rods can give safety and peace of mind says texas am expert

In an article for, a lightning expert from the Texas A&M University recommends installing a lightning rod on your home, especially since The Texas is prone to be hit by thunderstorms. Available in building supply stores or online merchants, these nifty devices “provide a safe path for lightning to ground.”

Richard Orville, professor of atmospheric sciences who has studied lightning for more than 35 years and established the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN), believes that lightning rods are useful tools for negating the positive power of a lightning bolt. More than 20 years ago, Orville led key studies in the physics of lightning and helped to establish the NLDN which is located in 48 states and Canada and detects most (95 percent) lightning ground strikes.

 “If you have a metal roof on your home like some people do, it would certainly be worth considering having one installed,” he says, “because the chances are greater it will be hit. In Texas, we have thunderstorms 12 months out of the year, so we get our share of lightning.”

If you’re constructing a new home or installing a new roof, talk to a qualified roofing company about adding protection against lightning. The roof’s composition, pitch, surface area, and features all contribute to the success and complexity of installing lightning rods. A reliable College Station, TX roofing contractor will use the highest quality materials and their expertise in design to install a roof that will not easily go up in flames.

It is not only lightning that can wreak havoc in your home, but the hail and heavy rains brought on by Texas thunderstorms as well. In the event that your roof gets damaged by these storms, call on trusted College Station roofing companies like America’s Choice Roofing right away.

These professional roofers can perform a thorough inspection to survey the extent of the damage, detail the necessary repairs, and give you an honest estimate for the restoration. Since roofing companies know that calamities could be hard on the pockets, they might also offer financing options to soften the blow.

(Source: Lightning Rods Can Give Safety And Peace Of Mind, Says Texas A&M Expert,, July 08, 2014)

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