College Station Roofing Contractors Address Commercial Roof Hazards

When your roof fails, it could mean major liability for you as the building owner or manager. You may be held responsible for the injuries that people inside your building sustain from the roof collapse, similar to what recently happened to a correctional facility in Angelina County. The Associated Press has more on the story in an article for The Huffington Post:

DIBOLL, Texas (AP) — Authorities say the roof of a privately run East Texas prison has collapsed, temporarily trapping dozens of inmates and sending 19 injured inmates to hospitals.

One of those inmates was later airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston after the Saturday collapse at Diboll Correctional Center, about 100 miles northeast of Houston. Neither his identity nor his condition has been released.

In a statement, a prison spokesman said the other inmates suffered cuts and bruises when wallboard fell from the ceiling of a housing area at the prison about 11:30 a.m.

Spokesman Issa Arnita said 86 inmates were in the area when the ceiling material fell. He said officials are trying to determine the cause.

In order to avoid serious consequences, building owners and managers should constantly keep their roof in good condition. An important part of doing this is to regularly get the services of reliable College Station roofing contractors that offer maintenance and repairs for commercial roofing. These roofers can pinpoint the areas where your roof may be vulnerable to collapse, and fix these areas.

texas prison roof collapses

You should also always be on the lookout for signs that could indicate roofing hazards.

Visibly worn components

You know you have a problem when you see loose or torn flashings, cracks, splinters, or tears on the roof surface, and sagging parts of the ceiling. If you always hear loud creaks or thudding noises when someone’s on the roof, it could be a sign of neglect, too.

Water-related issues

Excess moisture, water penetration, and pooling are enemies of a roof (and possibly, the rest of your building!) Observe leaks, mold, rot, warping, rust, and other signs of water damage on your roof and ceiling.

Lack of maintenance

When was the last time you had your roof inspected by professionals? If you don’t know the answer or if the last maintenance happened more than a couple of years ago, call a contractor as soon as possible.

A reputable College Station roofer, such as one from America’s Choice Roofing, can examine your building’s roofing closely, and identify and fix problems before they could turn into something disastrous.

(Source: Texas Prison Roof Collapses; 19 Inmates Injured, Huffington Post, July 19, 2014)

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