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Not just the type of roofing that you use is important, but some advocates say that the color may be too. Then again, some say that the color isn’t a “black and white” decision as many say that it is.  There are a wide range of different roofing materials out there for use.  According to  Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and several others, roofing is not a black vs white decision. There are many mitigating factors that can enter into play and just using  a black vs white type decision is simplifying it and is grossly misleading. In fact, it’s been said that the rapid rise in white roofing and the misleading marketing campaign are directly connected.

If high solar reflectivity and emittance  are the issue, the decision SEEMS like it should be black and white.. Why isn’t it?   

The first reason is that some manufacturers will tell you that a white roofing means better durability which is simply not the case. Any roofing will stay longer and be more durable if it stays cooler consistently, but a white roofing on a given building isn’t necessarily more durable than a darker one on the same building. In The Relative Durability of Low-Slope Roofing, Carl G Cash states that “Many white membranes are less durable in all climates, and less durable than black membranes in any climate.”

Reason two is that depending on the materials involved, solar reflectance may actually not be as great as you believe it will be. Heat islands do take place and we do need to combat those effects in our cities but white roofing may not always be the answer to that.

Reason three is that black roofing need not always create black roofs. Doesn’t make sense to you? Black roofing membrane is used to create many different kinds of roofs, including the green roofing solutions that see vegetation growing on them. Sweeping generalizations about white roofing being more durable, costing less and offering better solutions simply are not the case.

While white roofing can and does reflect better in most cases, the durability factor, how rapidly it breaks down may factor into the equation and the disposal and other issues may actually make it a less green solution, but only in some cases. Consider your individual case carefully and speak to your roofing experts in College Station, TX, America’s Choice Roofing, to find out if cool roofing solutions or white roofing may be helpful or applicable for you and if they can help you to save money in the long range.

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