Detecting Roof Leaks: How Your Trusted College Station Roofer Can Help

A leaky roof is one of those repair concerns that require your immediate attention. Regardless whether a leak results from hurricane damage or the age-related deterioration of roofing materials, you’ll want to carry out the appropriate repair and restoration measures to stop water from trickling into your house and triggering rot.

The roof is a major entry point for leaks, especially during or after winter. Ian Harvey’s article for provides ideas on how you can trace the source of leaks on your roof so that you can prevent damage from water infiltration and mold growth.

how to find source of your leaks

A roof leak is a big issue, because, not only will it damage any fibreglass insulation in the walls and attic nearby, it’s also the most likely place to get mold. It will also weaken the home’s structure with rot.

Water that accumulates in your roof deck can pose a serious threat to the stability of the roof underlayment. While moisture may not immediately weaken organic materials inside the decking, it may nonetheless facilitate mold growth. Mold and mildew thrive by sucking in the nutrients from the surfaces they cling to. As such, wooden rafters eventually rot and disintegrate after long exposure to mold and mildew growth.

Meanwhile, roof damage due to leak-related mold growth is very likely in homes located in cities like College Station, TX where the general temperature and humidity levels provide the perfect conditions for these destructive fungi to thrive. If you can view your roof from the ground, check for the presence of mold on visible surfaces.

See if you can inspect the roof in that area! If it is 20 years old or more, it’s probably time for a new one. If there are any missing, cracked or damaged shingles in the area and the rest of the roof is good, a repair could do the trick. If you can’t see anything, get up in the attic if you can and inspect the location above the leak.

Some traces of mold and water damage are hard to detect with the naked eye. Fortunately, reliable roofing contractors in College Station, TX like America’s Choice Roofing use infrared thermography to locate leak points quickly and accurately.

The sooner a reputable College Station roofer can identify the leak source, the quicker your roof can be fixed. Prompt roof repairs are crucial especially since College Station’s annual rainfall exceeds the national average. Aim to have a leak-free roof by spring so you can be prepared for any type of weather this year.

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