Hail Storm Damage: Why College Station Roofing Inspection is Important

The hailstorm that hit the city of Amarillo, Texas in May, 2013 demonstrated how damaging this weather disturbance can be. Months after the said hail storm, the Insurance Journal reported that residents were still dealing with its effects, and roofing contractors were kept busy with roof repairs and replacements.

“A massive hailstorm that blanketed the Texas panhandle city of Amarillo on May 28 is proving costly.

An estimated 35,000 vehicles and thousands of homes were damaged in the May 28 storm. Insured losses are expected to reach $400 million.

Hail up to the size of baseballs pounded vehicles, knocked out windshields and damaged roofs. The storm moved directly through the center of this city of nearly 200,000.”

While College Station may be around 450 miles away from Amarillo, it also receives its fair share of devastating hail storms. In fact, next to thunderstorm winds, hail storms account for the most number of extreme weather events in the city, annually.

Hail Storm Damage: Why College Station Roofing Inspection is Important

Dealing with the effects of hail storms on College Station, TX roofing systems is important, primarily because of insurance claims. Texas residents are encouraged to have hail storm damage coverage in their home insurance policies because of the frequency of this weather disturbance in the state. An inspection by a reputable College Station roofing company is therefore needed to facilitate insurance claims.

College Station roofing inspections after a hail storm are also important to ensure the integrity of roofing. While some hail damages are glaringly apparent, others are subtle enough that they are hard to distinguish from installation defects or normal wear and tear. It takes the trained eyes of professionals, like those at America’s Choice Roofing, to detect some hail storm damages, which can deteriorate if not immediately fixed. The experts know how to get to the root of the problem, and fix it there to avoid further escalation.

America’s Choice Roofing employs two licensed insurance adjusters to help determine if you do have hail/storm damage. Our roofing specialists can also guide you thru all the steps involved with your insurance claim.

(Source: Amarillo Hailstorm Damage Estimated at $400M, Insurance Journal)

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