Let a College Station Roofer Inspect or Repair your Roof after a Storm

The weather can be both unpredictable and brutal, and the recent storms that hit Central Texas prove it. According to a news report on the KWTX.com website published last October 13, 2014, the thunderstorms that ravaged areas of Central Texas caused power outages and even physical damage among unlucky residences. While not completely debilitating, the damages wrought were enough to inconvenience locals.

Storms Cause Scattered Power Outages

Storms that rumbled through Central Texas overnight caused scattered power outages and some damage.

The only major outage was in the Beverly Hills area where several hundred customers were without power Monday morning.

There were also some reports of downed tree limbs and roof damage.

Rain damage forced Providence Express Care in Waco to relocate temporarily to the second floor of the Woodway Medical Plaza at 6101 Woodway Dr.

Providence Clinic-Londonderry in Waco was also damaged and will be closed on Monday.

It will also relocate temporarily at the Woodway Medical Plaza.

Patients with questions should call (254) 772-7300.

In Adamsville in Lampasas County, a wind bust blew an 18-wheeler on its side early Monday.

Downed trees were reported north of Fairfield in Freestone County and in Dresden in Navarro County.

Even if a storm (similar to those depicted in the article) seemingly leaves a home unscathed, residents should consider having their roofs checked immediately. The structures may have suffered from storm and rain damage that are not immediately apparent, and leaving them unaddressed can lead to further destruction. To protect their roofs, homeowners should call on a dependable College Station roofer such as America’s Choice Roofing to conduct an assessment and spot possible cracks or openings.

While roofs are durable enough to keep out the elements, sufficiently strong storms can still cause them to suffer from cracks and leaks. On some occasions, the wind might be even powerful enough to pry off some shingles or tiles from the structure. These impairments will not be immediately felt until the telltale leaks begin to manifest. Homeowners will need to act fast if they do not want leaks to lead to extensive water damage throughout their properties. Fortunately, skilled College Station roofing contractors are always on call following the passing of a powerful storm, allowing homeowners to immediately address problem spots on their roofs before they become worse.

(Source: Storms Cause Scattered Power Outages, Some Damage, kwtx.com, Oct. 13, 2014)

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