Right as Rain: How to Find Reliable College Station Roofing Companies

With storm season looming over the horizon, several Texas state authorities warn residents of scammers offering cheap, substandard roofing services. KETK-NBC News correspondent Garrett Sanders writes:

“As we head into the stormy season, many East Texans will be looking at roofers for either maintenance or repairs on their house.

But this time of year also brings out contractors who are more interested in filling their wallets than fixing your roof.”

Heavy rains began to make their presence last month when Bryan-College Station received 3.36 inches of rain in only 24 hours – only about an inch short of the average precipitation for the entire month of May. Indeed, now is the best time for the roofing in College Station, TX homes to be checked and prepared for the rainy season.

watch out for crooked roofers this storm season

However, while rain itself doesn’t exactly seem to be damaging to a roof, it can gradually wear a roofing system down. For instance, torrential downpours can wash away the granular surface of shingles, or seep under missing sealing strips or damaged flashing. When temperatures drop and the rainwater freezes, the roofing material will expand and crack, thereby resulting in potentially extensive damage. Also, the extent of destruction is further amplified by high-speed winds and falling trees or branches, to name a few.

This is when scammers try to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Established and trusted roofers know this all too well, wherein whenever bad weather strikes, “roofing contractors” who show up on most doorsteps aren’t always trustworthy, asking for large down payments up front then disappearing completely.

So how does one keep away from being scammed? Here are a few easy tips.

One, ask a lot of questions. Homeowners must feel confident and satisfied with their prospect before closing a deal. They should ask for relevant certifications like state-mandated licenses and permits. Reliable College Station roofing contractors like America’s Choice Roofing will always endeavor to bring necessary identification with them, proving that they are duly registered and legally permitted to perform roofing work.

Aside from asking for pertinent papers, one can also verify the company’s registration with the state or city, and also by calling the Better Business Bureau. Considering how much roofing materials cost and how costly some roof services can be, it is absolutely better to be safe than sorry.

(Source: Watch Out for Crooked Roofers this Storm Season, KETK-NBC News, June 3, 2014)

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