Roofing for College Station, TX Homes Need to be Thunderstorm-Ready

Homes are built specifically to endure the elements and give their residents respite from the weather, although they require regular maintenance to ensure their serviceability. Homeowners should be wary of terrible weather, and should prepare their houses ahead of time to prevent catastrophe. On the subject of calamities, a news report on the website posted October 2, 2014 revealed that homes within certain counties in Texas needed to brace for thunderstorms, which could put their durability to the test:

Severe Thunderstorm

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, OK has placed Madison, Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, and Washington counties under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 3AM.

Along this line of thunderstorms, you can expect torrential downpours, frequent lightning, strong wind gusts over 50mph, and even some small hail. I do not expect any tornadoes to develop, but if anything changes, I will be on top of it for you.

Following the passage of a cold front that will help to develop these storms, Friday and into the weekend will be cooler, less humid, and filled with sunshine.

College Station, which is a part of Brazos County, experiences its wettest weather around the month of October. The thunderstorms and other forms of severe weather that manifest around this time of the year will do more than just pelt houses with rain, as the high winds and flying debris associated with such conditions can physically damage roofing. If your roofing in College Station, TX has recently suffered from weather damage, you should have it immediately tended to by a roofer to prepare for upcoming weather conditions.

The damages that appear on roofs following harsh weather vary in intensity, depending on how bad the conditions were. For instance, strong winds can pry off parts of the roof, while hail can bore holes through the structure. Some of these damages are not apparent on ground level until it is too late and leaks begin to appear. Homeowners should play it safe and hire College Station roofing companies like America’s Choice Roofing to analyze their roofs after a storm or to make sure the structures are still in one piece.


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