Want a Lovely Clay Tile Roof? Call on a Skilled College Station Roofer

Ask any experienced College Station roofer like America’s Choice Roofing about some of the popular materials they specialize in, and one of the answers you’ll hear is clay tile. Old House Online contributor Jane Powell gives a brief explanation as to why clay tiles are highly regarded in the roofing world:

“Tile is one of the most decorative forms of roofing, offering endless ornamental possibilities, thanks to the variety of available shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. Tile is also among roofing’s most durable materials – it doesn’t burn or rot, deteriorate from salt spray in coastal areas, or heat in the desert, and rodents and bugs don’t chew on it.”

To further elaborate on the writer’s words, here are a few more facts that explain clay tiles’ popularity among roofers and homeowners alike.

clay tile roofs 101


Consistently outperforming most other roofing materials in terms of durability, clay tiles are known to last over 100 years. Compared to the concrete tile variant, clay tiles are much more durable; mainly because the material is a naturally occurring substance and is not susceptible to gradual decomposition. This can be the reason why most antique buildings in several European cities have retained their original roofs even after several centuries have passed; or why clay artifacts are often found in archaeological sites that are thousands of years old.


Homeowners need not worry about their ceiling being at risk for collapsing because clay tiles are quite light compared to other materials. In several cases, the concrete variant or heavy slate tiles aren’t recommended for use on buildings with inadequately reinforced roof framing; making way for clay tiles to fill in the void.

Minimal Maintenance

A clay tile requires little maintenance because of one vital factor – water absorption rate. Clay tiles only have a 6% absorption rate, which effectively prevents the development of mildew and stains on the surface. There are even clay tiles (matte and glazed) that are practically maintenance-free wherein their absorption and mildew growth rates are almost non-existent.

Appearance Longevity

Clay tiles can retain their original color for years despite being constantly battered by the elements. Several options offered by clay roof tile manufacturers are baked in high temperatures of around 2000 degrees, which creates a non-porous finish that can last for a very long time.

If you’re in the market for clay roof tiles, then enjoy this roofing material’s benefits by getting in touch with professional College Station roofing contractors today.


(Source: Clay Tile Roofs 101, Old House Online)

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